There is something deeply creepy and sinister about the gas mask. Maybe it is the fact that they are linked with incredible pain and suffering, misery and uncountable deaths. Their link to war is indesputable and although they were designed to save lives the gas mask invokes images of death.

Perhaps it is something intirely different, the mask when worn hides all identity. The only part viewable is the eyes, all other facial feature are distorted by the grotesque mask whilst the breathing filters distort the breath to add an extra dimension of dread. If i was to see someone walking down the street i would surely turn and run.

Then there is the sense of overwhelming claustrophobia. As soon as you put on the mask its tight fitting instantly restricting the facial features and severely enhibits the ability to breathe. Vision too becomes constrained as you are left with only two very small windows to view the world and get your bearings, the heat from your face against the cold windows causing condensation further distorting your ability to view the world around you.

It seems to me that however you look at the mask there is the sense of impending doom and despair.

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Painting giveaway

Ok folks, i’m looking for two newly wed couples to paint and you will get the painting for ‪#‎free‬ (UK only). Here are some examples of my works. Please ‪#‎like‬ and ‪#‎share‬ amongst your friends that may be interested. Couples will be chosen at random.Milly milly photo2 Jimmy edit Jimmy photoIMG_0432

Curator space opportunity.

Delighted that my painting Mass Shooting at Blackburn College will be featured on the curator space FaceBook and Twitter pages from the 7th of September. To get your work featured on their social feeds follow the link below.

curator space

A performance based painting

Using water pistols and people to create this painting has heaps of fun.


The Marilyn series

When I first set out in this particular style of painting I used celebrities to refine and perfect the technique. Marilyn has become my test subject due to the ease of cutting out the stencil. Some stencils i create can take upto two weeks per layer whereas Marilyn Monroe only takes a couple of hours. Now when I experiment with the formular it is Marilyn that I turn to. This gallery will take you through all the Marilyn paintings I have done to date. To view the video of the Marilyn painted with footballs please feel free to check out my YouTube Link.

Breaking the Chains, collage

Welcome to my collage gallery. I often use collage as a starting process to inform my paintings. Two of the collages i have created multiple paintings from (Breaking the Chains and Skin deep). I love to use collage as it can lead to unexpected results, it can be cheeky or deadly serious. I have recently started to use surfaces to try and mix things up such as distressed wood or cracked paint.



Mass Shooting at Blackburn College

Mass shooting edited

The human stencil project is my biggest to date measuring 27ft across by just over 8ft tall. It was my latest attempt to break free from the limitations and confines of the canvas and explore alternative means of creating traditional cut out stencils. By using people as stencils and water pistols to apply the paint, the piece created a great social element that had a deeper impact than the work itself. The interactive nature of this painting as an event brought people together from children to adults, art and non-art backgrounds and it was a chance for people to get together and directly affect the outcome of the painting. It also formed a big piece of my Fine Art and Integrated Media degree show and made the local papers, which in turn helped to advertise the degree show. For the local paper write up then please follow the link Lancashire Telegraph.